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Life Qi Holistic Medicine was founded in 2011 by Michael Dell’Orfano, L.Ac., RA, MSOM, as a place for people to receive high quality complementary and alternative healthcare from a practitioner of holistic medicine. It is the belief of Mr. Dell’Orfano that every individual out there can benefit from holistic medicine, as it is for both the acute and chronically ill, as well as for the healthy individual who is looking to prevent disease by boosting the vitality of our body through the strengthening of the Three Treasures of Chinese medicine- jing (essence), qi (energy) and shen (spirit). Our health is in our own hands, and we must take responsibility for it by using good judgment and wisely knowing when to call on others to lend a helping hand.

At Life Qi Holistic Medicine, we strive to always lend a helping hand. That is why we offer an extremely flexible scheduling to suit your needs. Please see the Appointment page for more details.

Thanks for visiting Life Qi Holistic Medicine’s website, and don’t forget to tell all of your friends to check out our page so they can see all of the unique services offered at the clinic! We wish you health and happiness on your life’s journey.